Griffith Honors the Upcoming Fall Season


Abby Frank, Guest Reporter

Griffith has always been known for its family friendly activities during the fall time. Its welcoming environment invites people from all over to participate in the town’s traditions.

Like most towns, Griffith is great for trick-or-treating. From 5 to 7 p.m., children of all ages fill the streets with their families. Almost all of the homes leave their lights on to welcome happy trick-or-treaters. Families from neighboring towns are often found wandering the streets as well.

At the center of the town, Central Park holds many events for this time of the year. The most popular event among the younger citizens of our community is Creepy Crawler Night. During this fun filled event, children in preschool to third grade fill the park in search of tiny, plastic bugs. They are all divided into groups depending on their age. Once the children find all of the bugs they want, families are offered snacks and drinks.

In the beginning of October, Central Park holds the Oktoberfest. This event offers food, drinks, and entertainment to all ages. Oktoberfest holds many great performances from many talented bands. It also provides delicious foods all from the German culture. The adults have access to German biers and wines as well. While the parents enjoy live bands, the children can jump in the inflatable jump houses.

Tommy Bukowski goes almost every year to Oktoberfest with his family. Each year he is pleased by the warm and joyful environment created by the town. Bukowski’s favorite part is the food. “The pierogis have got to be my favorite. They are delicious! I honestly look forward to them every year.”

As Halloween approaches, hopefully you can get to participate in Griffith’s many traditions. You will not be disappointed! The fall is the greatest time to experience the best Griffith has to offer.