Senior Memories – Reflecting on the Past

Flor Gonzalez

Flor Gonzalez
“My favorite memory from school is when I met my best friend, Stephanie. We met in summer school when we were really young, in 4th grade maybe. We were at the library in Wadsworth Elementary School when I saw her and asked if she wanted to be friends. She was so shy, so I always called her Sophia. She said she would go back to Wadsworth next year, but she didn’t. I didn’t see her again until middle school. I don’t know how we became friends again but somehow we did. It’s a funny story when we look back and see how that little event effects us, now she is my best friend. We are always making enjoyable memories. My advice for you guys is to enjoy high school and not fall into the gossip, because it’s not worth it. Have fun and buckle up for the ride”

Esteban Vazquez
Esteban Vazquez’s favorite memory is when he attended freshmen year turnabout. He went with his friends and his brother, Jesus Vazquez. He enjoyed the dance because of the environment he was in, and the music was excellent. After the dance, he went out to eat with his friends. He is looking forward to going to turnabout this year. Vazquez is thrilled for all of the events that are going to happen this year, powderpuff game, dances, etc. Vazquez is also excited to graduate, because he is looking forward on getting out of high school. After high school, his plan is to get a job and live life to the fullest. His advice is, “Try your hardest, and don’t fall behind.”

Jaylon Cudjoe
Jaylon Cudjoe’s favorite memory is the freshman year rallies. It’s his favorite memory because it was very amusing. Everyone was carefree, happy, and it was open with joy. He found that all of the games they did were full of energy. They include homecoming court, Prom court, and multiple student actives.The music was also great, he enjoyed songs such as Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, and God’s Plan by Drake. Everyone was so happy back then. He shared these memories with his friends and many other people. Jaylon’s plan after high school is to get an apartment, a dog, and a good job in order to be stable. His advice is, “Keep your circle small. The bigger the circle, the bigger the rat


Stephanie Navarro
Stephanie Navarro’s favorite memory is getting her drivers license driving her junior year. Stephanie has recently been driving for 7 months. She is most fond of going to stores in Chicago. She also likes to go out with her friends. Stephanie loves to listen to music while driving, and some of her songs favorite are: Callaitan by Bad Bunny and Happier by Olivia Rodrigo. One of the scariest events that happened while she was driving, was when she was with her friends going to Chick-fil-A, and they got hit in her back of the car. Stephanie is looking forward to graduation, because she wants to travel a lot after high school. Her advice is, “ Live your high school year to the fullest.”