Griffith Theatre Company presents “The Brunch Club”


Sarah Issa, Reporter

Over the weekend the Griffith Theatre Company held the 6th annual middle school drama night, where they performed The Brunch Club by Katelyn Beyke. Middle School Drama Night is where the middle schoolers act and high schoolers direct and manage. The student director was senior Abby Morrison. Abby Morrison has acted in many previous shows in the GTC. When asked how it felt being a director rather than acting she said, “It was weird being on the other side since I’m usually an actress, but it was cool gaining experience from all different aspects that go into production!”

The Brunch Club is a spin off of the 1980s movie The Breakfast Club which is about 6 high schoolers who get left unsupervised in detention. Many different scenarios take place each through a different prospective. From zombies to sopa operas, but each story revolved around a different kind of sandwich.The cast ranged from 6th-8th graders with majority of them being 6th graders. For many of them it was their first performance.

When asked about her experience with the show 6th grade Audrina Huizar said “This has been my first show for the GTC. The experience was very fun and I would want to participate in another show anytime soon! All the people that were apart of this show has been very nice to me and it feels as if we’re a family!  I was nervous about being in this show, but with my friends at my side it turned out to be okay! I hope everyone who watched it liked it!”

            Another lead actor Isabella Dawes who played Chloe said that she feels as if the cast is family and she hopes everyone enjoyed the show as much as the cast did acting it!

            Jenna Parker, a history and drama teacher at GHS, the Assistant Producer-director also says that the cast did an amazing job bringing the show to life. Especially with cut rehearsal times due to weather they still kept their heads up and had an outstanding performance.