Why Do We Need A Debate Club?

Zoe Boswinkle, Reporter

According to nfhs.org, “Debate is an essential opportunity that should be provided to all students. Students develop skills in research, critical thinking, organization, persuasion and communication.” Debating is a way for students to expand their views and perspectives. Students learn to back their claims with evidence and fact rather than strictly their feelings. With this in mind, our school does not currently have a debate team. The benefits of a debate team are countless and without the opportunity to join a debate team, students are deprived from the experience and knowledge gained from participating in a debate team.

All over the world, millions of people fight to prove their opinion to be the most educated one. With every opinion there are millions of people disagreeing with the opposing opinion. Debate clubs provide students a chance to understand real world situations and make educated opinions. Debate teams show how there is a way to have an open mind and how to civilly disagree. Students who join debate teams have a higher chance of being successful in the future.

According to americandebateleague.org, “While only 50 percent of high school students in urban schools graduate, 90 percent of urban high school debaters graduate. What is more, 72 percent of high-risk secondary-school debaters graduate, versus just 43 percent of high-risk non-debaters.”

“I think we should have a debate team because it’s a healthy way for students to express an argumentative attitude and their opinions in an acceptable environment,” said freshman Rylee Reiser.

Debating provides students with enrichment to help them grow in their knowledge about the world. Students improve their communication skills and their chance of being successful in the future.