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Broad Street’s New Bakery, Old Cafe Bring Sweetness to Griffith

Katie Bilka, Copyeditor

September 13, 2019

The town of Griffith is a small town, yet it buzzes with a richdowntown culture. While people walk around and enjoy the different shops and restaurants, they can swing by our famous town coffeehouse, Grindhouse, and the...

G-Town Cleans Up

G-Town Cleans Up

June 5, 2019

Places to Vacation in the Summer in Indiana

Brianna Langel, Reporter

May 31, 2019

From Amish villages, to insanely fast roller coasters, Indiana offers plenty of tourist attractions and vacation spots. These vacation spots offer excellent options for weekend or summer getaways. French Lick Located in Sou...

Central Market Returns to Griffith, Brings New Vendors

Connor Crafton, Reporter

May 20, 2019

The Griffith Central Market returned to Central Park for its weekly run on Friday, May 10, and will continue every Friday until September 13th.Beginning at 4 pm and ending at 10 pm, there’s plenty of time for students, parents...

Chinese Restaurants Nourish, Add Diversity to Griffith

Liana Boulles, Copy Editor

April 23, 2019

Griffith is home to three Chinese restaurants, all run by Chinese American families who chose to carve their destiny in this Northwest Indiana town. These restaurants prepare food from the diverse regions of China and the cultur...

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