Shamrock Shakes Back For A Limited Time

Connor Crafton, Reporter

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    Spring is just around the corner, and while some may look forward to the turn of weather, others are enjoying the sweet, sweet taste of a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. The shake has made people from around America swoon over the minty taste of a Shamrock Shake. The Shamrock Shakes have returned to the McDonald’s menu from mid-February until after Saint Patrick’s Day, [March 17], on March 24th.

    The McDonald’s limited time offer is a hot commodity for everyone, and it seems it’s been that way since its inception. In 1970, the Shamrock Shake was born as a marketing tactic for St. Patrick’s Day. Originally, it had a slight lemon/lime flavor (which soon was changed to just a slight reflavoring of a vanilla shake) and was generally a success. However, things didn’t really “shake up” until 1974, when the Philadelphia Eagles teamed up with McDonald’s. The Eagles had recently began a charity known as “Eagles Fly for Leukemia”, which was created to support research and care for childhood cancer. Former Eagles player Fred Hill’s daughter had unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer, and, after having to stay in hospitals for days upon end, wanted to do something. So the Eagles took upon purchasing a home near the hospital to care for families who had been affected by cancer in some way. However, the charity wouldn’t take off alone, so the Eagles looked to McDonald’s to help promote the charity. They struck a deal, and, thanks to fortunate timing, the Shamrock Shake soon became the official drink of both the Eagles and the newly founded Ronald McDonald House Charity. That house they purchased soon became the first Ronald McDonald House.  In only four years, the Shamrock Shake had etched itself into popular culture.

The Shamrock Shake would go through slight changes through the years, but generally stay with the same, minty taste. Despite being a marketing tactic, generations of customers, like freshman Rylee Reiser, would continue to love this annual specialty drink, “I love shamrock shakes because they’re cute and the mint flavor is my favorite.”