Netflix to Release New Supernatural Series

Brianna Langel, Reporter

  Netflix has announced the upcoming of the new supernatural drama series, Chambers. Chambers is a Netflix original TV series that will have 10 episodes, each over a hour long and supernatural themes. This series was created in January 2018 by writer and actress Leah Rachel [Buried Alive, Muffin Top: A love Story] and has been in production since then.  On April 10, 2019, the official trailer and photos for the series were released. This Netflix series was confirmed in March 2019 to be premiering on Friday, April 26.

  In May 2018, it was announced that actress Uma Thurman [Pulp Fiction] will be casted into this series alongside Tony Goldwyn [Ghost, The Last Samurai], Nicholas Galitzine [High Strung, The Changeover], Kyanna Simone Simpson [Ma, Black Lightning], Lilli Kay [Madam Secretary, Paterno], Sarah Mezzanotte [Royal Pains, Search Party], and Griffin Powell-Arcand [DreamKeeper, Little House on the Prairie].

  Chambers will follow a 17 year-old heart attack survivor named Sasha (Rose) whose life was saved by a heart donor named Becky ( Reid). She eventually becomes curious about whose heart she has, and later becomes curious to find out the truth about the heart donor’s death. The closer she comes to finding out the truth, the more she begins to develop the evil and sinister characteristic of the heart donor, but she also has to worry about Becky’s parents, Nancy (Thurman) and Ben (Goldwyn) as they seem to be acting ‘weird’ since their daughter’s death.  Sasha also sees strange visions and memories that don’t belong to her, but to Becky.