Apple Releases New Design for iPhone 11, Release Date Unknown

Brianna Langel, Reporter

Apple is considering the release of the new iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5 before this year is over and has been testing out multiple new iPhone concepts. The iPhone 11 could have a 2-way wireless charging, which can be used as a charging mat for other devices. It will have triple cameras on the back of the phone for better, clearer pictures and videos, full glass screen, the back-side of the phone will also be glass like the newer iPhone models,, and a new dark mode which inverts white colors, subdues, and limits other colors as much as possible, and won’t emit unnecessary lighting.

   As the new iPhone 11 is getting a new camera upgrade with dual-lens rear and selfie camera set up, it will boost from a 7MP to a 12MP, which means the focus with the iPhone will be much clearer then before and will be more high quality. The iPhone will have a 5.8 inch screen measure with a 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8 mm which is bigger than the iPhone 8 plus and around the same size as the iPhone XS Max, and the camera bump will be 9 mm thick.

   Apple has hinted at bringing back the Touch Id, but will have an in-screen 3D fingerprint scan that covers the whole screen if they decide not to bring it back. The iPhone 11 can employ multiple tomography techniques (an imaging procedure which helps take detailed pictures and scans) such as reflection, diffraction, and transmission.

  “I like how there are three cameras. It’ll help pick up all the fine details that the other iPhones are missing,” said Sophomore Nina Rodriguez. “The pictures will be so much more clear.”

   Apple released information about how the iPhone 11 will be able to monitor heart and respiration rates and blood oxygen. The users will be able to use creative ways to unlock the Iphone, such as mapping the thumb-print, face, and even eyes. The new phone will have a battery 20-25% bigger than the iPhone XS, which will help the phone last longer than 24 hours of call and talk time. As the new iPhone is in talk, Apple is also experimenting with a whole waterproof phone that can be used underwater, other than just being water-resistant.

  After the iPhone XR came out last year at the price of $999, the iPhone 11 will follow in the footsteps as being extremely pricey and will be settled at $999 and go up for additional storage and will start off with 64GB with additional options for 256GB and 512GB. The phone is likely to be released in mid-September and Apple is already starting to release more information and pictures about this upcoming iPhone.