“Party of Five”: Reboot Remains Relevant


Hannah Hendron, Reporter

On January 8, 2020, television network Freeform debuted a new show called Party of Five, a reboot with an original spin on a beloved premise of its 90’s predecessor. 

Sophomore Cynthia Matos said, “I’ve never seen the original show that came out in the nineties, so that’s not what intrigued me. The trailer immediately hooked me, and I knew I needed to add it to my “to be watched” list. The show seems very relevant and is discussing very important topics that needs light to be shined upon them.”

The plot retains a trace of the original show’s premise, but updates it to a relevant matter now than ever. In the original show, the siblings tradcillay lose their parents in a car crash leaving them to navigate life without their parents. The siblings of the Acosta family find themselves trying to navigate life when their parents are deported back to Mexico. Surviving is hard by, but without their parents, the siblings will have to lean on each other for support. The siblings won’t give up since they want to find a way to bring their parents back into the country. The siblings include Emilio Acosta (Brandon Larracuente), Beto Acosta (Niko Guardado), Lucia Acosta (Emily Tosta), and Valentina Acosta (Ell Paris Legaspi). 

Matos discussed her thoughts on the show; she said, “I watched the first episode when it aired, and I really liked it. I felt the show had a strong cast of characters that I could easily grow to love. The storytelling was my favorite part, and I felt the show was refreshing to watch; refreshing in a way that it brought to life a very relevant topic and seamlessly integrated into the plot which seems to honor the original show. I’ll definitely be watching the rest of the season and it may it become a new favorite of mine.”

 The first season of the show will consist of ten episodes that will be aired on Wednesday nights on Freeform. Readers can catch up on any missed episodes on the Freeform app, Hulu, Sling TV, and even Amazon Prime Video. Part of Five brings a realistic narrative that will surely become a favorite for audiences.