Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories: What’s The Truth?


Skye Isenblatter, Reporter

Being 6 months into the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all had the time to research and form opinions about the novel virus. At the beginning, most people were either completely confused and scared or indifferent about the virus. Specifically at Griffith High School, some students shut themselves out from the world in fear of the virus not only for themselves but also for their family and friends, while others continued living life like nothing changed, even though we were all out of school and work. With that time, the long-lasting virus became either a joke or a serious topic, depending on who you asked.
There is a conspiracy that the coronavirus was created by the government. Some believe that the pandemic was planned to either generate extreme profit, lower the population, or help out the upcoming election.
People have even said that this virus is all to control us. Between having to wear masks, the stay-at-home order, and schools closed – many feel as if this virus was taken way to far. Some use evidence that, while most of the world already relatively recovered from the virus, the US continues to struggle. They use their information to push the narrative that President Donald Trump is making the pandemic a much bigger deal than he should be.
Since the virus started, many rumors have been spread all around. Between the 5G towers causing illness or the government giving us the virus artificially, it is believed by many that it’s everything but a serious illness.
However, on the other hand, others believe that most people are not taking the virus serious enough. Some say that, because so many people have died, will die, or are suffering because of the virus, that we should all wear masks, stay home as often as we can, practice social distancing, and continue to take measures like using hand sanitizer and cleaning all surfaces.
You can be on either side for this virus. You can believe that it is all a hoax and that we are being controlled by the government or you can believe that it is a big deal and feel scared. However, regardless of your beliefs about the virus, we should all err on the side of caution and protect ourselves and others. No one knows the absolute truth about the virus. We don’t know if the deaths are from the virus or from other conditions. We do not know if the numbers have been exaggerated. All we know is that people are dying and getting sick, and we need to try to fix that so we can all return to a somewhat normal life.