November Young Adult Novel Releases


Hannah Hendron, Reporter

A brand new slew of young adult releases have begun hitting the shelves at your nearest bookstore. This month there are plenty of eye-catching stories within the pages of some of the most current beautiful book covers. November brings a wide range of stories for readers to delve into, and these are just four new releases that the genre has to offer this month.

Instant Karma-Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer switches genres by writing her newest book in the genre of young adult contemporary romance with a dash of magic. Meyer has been known for her well-executed sci-fi and fantasy series, such as the Lunar Chronicles and the Renegades Trilogy. Instant Karma follows characters Prudence Barnett and Quint Erikson as their hate for each other fades away into love. Our main character, Prudence, is a classified overachiever with tendencies of bossiness and a judgmental attitude to her lazy and egotistic coastal town residents. She gains the ability to cast instant karma upon individuals after a night full of fun with her friends. This new ability lands her in a messy situation of misunderstandings throughout the book, especially when involved with Quint Erikson. Quint is Prudence’s number one enemy and slacker of a lab partner. Before the book is over, she comes to a realization that her perceptions of not only Quint but her peers and even herself reveal the thin line between many concepts she’s believed in. A cute, fluffy romance is perfect for the holiday season as it fills your heart with love and joy.

These Violent Delights-Chloe Gong
Debut author Chloe Gong has written a unique Romeo and Juliet story that will have readers gripped by her reimagined world. The backdrop of her retelling is set in Shanghai in the 1920s where there are two rival gangs and amidst it all — a monster lurking in the Huangpu River. Gong is able to weave the glamour of the 1920s and the political climate of Shanghai together. At the beginning of the book, the main character, Juliette Cai, is returning from New York after four years to a vastly changed Shanghai. She is the heir to the Scarlet Gang and has a complicated past filled with love and betrayal with Roma Montagov, the heir to the White Flowers gang. Despite their difficult past and relations to each gang, Roma asks for her help after gangsters on each side begin clawing their throats out, which cause rumors of weakness. There seems to be a monster who inflicts madness upon it’s victims. The only way for Juliette and Roma to save Shanghai before the city has fallen to ruins is to put aside their differences and work together. This is perfect for any reader who is craving a fresh and gripping story that has never been done before in the young adult genre.

How the High King of Elfame Learned to Hate Stories-Holly Black
Holly Black is a bestselling author who has written many books that readers adore her for, but one of her most popular works have been the Folk of Air series. The widely beloved book series has gained a large audience in the book community and it continues to grow today. The last book in the trilogy was published last year in November and readers have been dying for any additional content regarding the power couple, Jude Duarte and Cardan Greenbriar. Luckily, readers will have their fill this time in the perspective of Cardan, as he is the narrator. This book contains a multitude of stories ranging throughout Cardan’s lifetime that will allow readers into the wicked king’s perspective. The book will include stories from his childhood as well as stories from familiar points throughout the series. Any readers worried about additional stories not taking place after the ending of the third book should rest assured as there will be an adventure-filled story beyond The Queen of Nothing. Readers may want to quickly reread the series before they delve into the faerie world again to reminisce on the story that pierced their hearts. This is a perfect story for readers if they are looking to revisit some of their favorite characters, especially the beloved relationship that was beautifully crafted by Holly Black.

Super Fake Love Song-David Yoon
David Yoon’s garnered a large reader audience after his debut novel, Frankly in Love, and his second novel has recently hit the shelves. The main character is Sunny Dae, a self-aware nerd who is taken back in awe by Cirrus Soh’s air of confidence. There is a mixup where Cirrus mistakes Sunny’s bedroom for his older brother Gray’s which is filled with rock posters and electric guitars. Sunny never corrects her assumption and he even tells her he is a leading man in a rock band. Now that Cirrus believes Sunny’s lie, he’s tangled up in it and he ropes his best friends into creating a fake rock band to maintain the facade. He begins to change his appearance as he adopts a rocker look, but when he builds the courage to admit that this persona isn’t him, she asks them to play for her sometime. He adopts the motto: “fake it till’ you make it.” Sunny fully immerses himself in this cool rocker identity and his social life begins to bloom as people take more notice of him. During this time, he is deeply falling in love with Cirrus, but sooner rather than later, his lies catch up to him. He begins to question if doing this was worth it and he wonders if people can actually change. This is a perfect book for readers wanting a light hearted rom-com that is sure to be a fun-filled journey.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for November’s young adult book releases. This year has been difficult for so many people, but the stories authors create help transport readers into other worlds. Each book can be found in your nearest bookstore, library, or online platform that sells books.