The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Debuts Exclusively on Disney+

Hannah Hendron, Reporter


Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes take on a global adventure in the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ show. Steve Roger’s best friends are front and center within this story that debuts on Disney+ on Friday, March 19.
Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson will no longer be tied to Steve Roger’s character arc and rather have individual explorations of their respective arcs. Often in the MCU, secondary characters aren’t given enough screen time to dig into the details of who they are outside fighting with their fellow superhero friends. These Disney+ shows allow for the expanse of stories revolving around these more secondary characters, which in turn makes audiences feel more connected to them than they ever have. Sam and Bucky have become fan favorites and the potential for a friendship full of quips and teasing makes fan’s hearts fill with delight.
In regards to the team-up of Sam and Bucky, Junior Hayden O’Brien says, “I think this duo will bring a lot in terms of a bit of new perspective and story.”
Audiences last saw Sam and Bucky at the end of Avengers: Endgame when Steve was getting ready to take all the stones back, but then he came back as an old man who had taken the chance to live with Peggy Carter. Steve was ready to hand the mantle on to Sam who was quite surprised to see his friend grow old with time offering him the iconic shield and the responsibilities that follow. Bucky knew Steve was taking all the stupid with him when he left and he was the first one to take notice of old Cap. He gave a nod of approval when Steve gave the shield to Sam as he most likely knew Steve was going to pass the mantle on to him. Bucky and Sam’s characters have revolved around Steve, yet as we pick up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TFATWS), we will see them as independent individuals.
The promotional content has been underway for the show giving audiences a glimpse of what this adventure will offer. Sam and Bucky have teamed up, yet it’s not apparent as to why, when there seems to be some tension. The fans could guess their team-up has to do with the return of Zemo, a new anti-patriotism group called the Flag-Smashers or newcomer John Walker who looks like the government’s new replacement of Captain America. Sam was given the shield so that begs the question of why another man is now wielding the shield. The possibility of Bucky helping Sam fully become Captain America is there, though it feels more of a personal journey for Sam. Sam’s journey with becoming Captain America will no doubt be a focal point the show hones in on. Bucky has had a tough life, and now his only family and childhood best friend isn’t there anymore, so it seems Bucky will be doing some soul searching. There has always been another fight for Bucky and because of that, he has never had a real chance to figure out who he is in this modern world. Along with that, Bucky has gone through a great deal of trauma and it would be a disservice to his character if his mental health was not addressed. Luckily, it seems audiences will see a scene with Bucky in therapy though fans hope his mental health is addressed throughout the entire series, as well as Sam’s mental health. It does seem that the boys will go to some type of counseling for their coworker relationship, which was partially shown in the second trailer. They’ve had a tumultuous past and it’s no surprise their personalities clash, but it provides great comedic entertainment for the fans who can’t wait to see more of that aspect.
In the promotional content, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) makes her return after last appearing in Captain America: Civil War. She has been presumedly avoiding the consequences of breaking the Sokovia Accords since then. She still seems to have the fight within her as she roughs up some unknown men and later surprises the boys with her arrival. Another surprise return is Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), who is ready to make sure his plan in ridding the world of superheroes does not go unfinished. While his actions in Civil War caused a rift between the

Avengers, at the end of the day they were still a team ready to save the universe. Though he and Bucky have some unresolved business after he framed Bucky for the bombing at the Sokovia Accords ratification and later using the code phrases to turn him back in the Winter Soldier. It is inevitable that Bucky and Zemo will come face to face and when they do it’ll be interesting to watch the scene unfold.
As with all Marvel projects, fans have garnered theories as to the potential storylines audiences could be seeing. A sad theory consists of the beloved Steve Rogers passing away after footage from the second trailer indicated a special service dedicated to him. That may not be out of the question since Cap is now old. On the other hand, speculation has occurred that we might get a cameo of some sort. Time will tell whether we see Steve again and hopefully, he’s still alive and well with Bucky and Sam annoying him. Marvel fans are ready for the X-Men to make their debut in the MCU and theorize any chance for the inclusion of mutant characters. While TFATWS doesn’t seem to be the most likely entry for mutants, it seems Bucky and Sam are taking a trip to the fictional city of Madripoor. This city was once home to the Wolverine ( one of the most notable mutants) in the comics and could be a way for the MCU to introduce the X- Men. Lastly, there has been a theory that TFATWS will set up Baron Zemo’s Thunderbolts group that could be a part of his plan to take down superheroes. In the comics, they were criminals acting as superheroes when the Avengers were presumed dead. He was betrayed and the group’s motive changed for the better with a revolving door of members and at one time with the one and only, Bucky Barnes. Theories are great speculation, but at the end of the day, that’s all they are. It’s important to not get too swept up before the actual story disappoints you due to none of those creative theories panning out.
In regards to the importance of TFATWS, O’Brien says, “The feel of what they are doing doesn’t exactly feel new but more refreshing. The opportunity that characters can be more looked into than what we have seen before brings more excitement. I think the more you get to know a character the more you are invested in their overall long-term story, which makes those characters feel they have more of elevated importance.”
The journey Sam and Bucky will go on will, without a doubt, be important to the future of the MCU. Sam is more than likely to take the mantle of Captain America by the time the credits roll on the last episode. If the Thunderbolts theory is true, then Bucky may become a part of that later down the line or continue his partnership with Sam. Audiences may see more of Bucky and Sam throughout their next appearances together, but we never know what Kevin Feige has planned. That’s the beauty of it. For now, the countdown for the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is quickly dwindling. The long-anticipated buddy-cop superhero show is on its way, and it’ll be one heck of a good time.