Medical Shows Inspire, Intrigue Viewers

Skye Isenblatter, Reporter

   Many people in the world are fascinated by television shows that feature doctors, surgeons, and nurses that have to deal with crazy medical mysteries to save their patients. Most of the popular medical shows feature dramatic romantic relationships, fights, deaths, and more to keep the viewers hooked. These shows are well-known and popular. 

Grey’s Anatomy

   Grey’s Anatomy is the show with about 8.13 million viewers. It is a show that almost everyone has heard of. It’s filled with drama, death, fights, and tears. After all, (SPOILER ALERT) most of the characters end up passing away within 16 seasons, bringing tears to the eyes of the viewers who develop an emotional connection to the characters. 

   Grey’s Anatomy is about the life of surgeon Meredith Grey, who took after her award-winning mother, a famous surgeon named Ellis Grey. Throughout the show, we experience her sadness from her broken past, her relationships with fellow residents, and her romantic relationships. We see Grey grow as a person throughout the 16 seasons. She meets new people who she bonds with to become a close “family”. We meet all the characters that help build the plot and drama of the show. Grey’s Anatomy can be watched on Netflix, Hulu, and ABC.


   House is based on a story of a medical genius named Gregory House. Viewers and critics often compare him to Sherlock Holmes for solving medical mysteries calmly, with creative instincts to save his patients before it is too late.

   A main aspect of the story is based around his introverted and brutally honest personality. Many people, such as supervisors, refuse to work with him because of his rudeness. He is not fond of listening to other people’s opinions, and he also does not like being inconvenienced. However, he finds a way to push his young, new residents and doctors to make decisions on their own.

   Throughout the show, we see that the doctors must make quick, careful decisions. For each choice, they discuss the consequences of each. In the medical world, most things are frustrating. Doctors don’t always know what to do. Many viewers love this show because, unlike other medical shows, House demonstrates the mysteries that life offers in a realistic way. House can be seen on NBC, Amazon Prime Video, IMDb, and more. 

The Good Doctor

   Autism is something that could never stop young medical doctor Shaun Murphy. Main character Murphy actually has something called Savant syndrome. According to, Savant syndrome gives those who suffer from it rare skills such as the “ability to process mathematical calculations at a phenomenal speed” and also gives them “talent or skill in a particular area”. Murphy’s exceptional skill happened to be that he was a good doctor. At a young age, he has extraordinary talent in the medical field and uses these skills to save lives and help many people in need. 

   The show is touching to many viewers because the main character is unlike any other main characters. Although he has trouble connecting with the other people around him, he proves all of his coworkers wrong as they doubt his abilities. 

   The show can be seen on IMDb, Hulu, ABC, and more. The Good Doctor currently has only two seasons, unlike many other medical shows that have been showing for 10-20 seasons. Therefore, starting now will allow viewers to be able to catch up quickly.