Shane Dawson Videos Become Fan Favorites

Hannah Hendron, Reporter

Youtuber Shane Dawson has created content on the platform for the last eight years. He has uploaded 1,712 videos on his YouTube channel named “shane”. In the last eight years, his subscriber count has amounted around 20.8 million and continues to grow by the hour.

Shane’s first video was uploaded on April 29, 2008 and his most recent video was published on February 11, 2019. In that time, he has made various types of videos, such as comedy sketches, personal videos that delve into aspects of his own life, and conspiracy videos in the the last eight years. He has posted videos, such as, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”, “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson”, and “The Truth About My Past.”

In the last year, Shane has changed his style and approach to how he creates the content he uploads. The change has impacted his channel, viewership, and subscriber count. The development of his channel included to stop making videos everyday and begin to make content that he felt proud of. Freshman Payton Kinder likes his more recent content. Kinder said, “I like his more recent content because he used to post everyday, now he puts more time and energy into it and it shows.”

Not all people love the change, like freshman Breeana Graham. Graham said, “I think his older videos, before the last two years, because he was more funny. He made more videos back then, and they were more about him. Now the videos are either about conspiracies or about other people instead of himself.”

Shane’s videos include some of his closest friends like Ryland Adams, Morgan Adams, Andrew Siwicki, and Garrett Watts. In Shane’s recent video series, released in August, he focused on capturing the life of makeup youtuber Jeffree Star. The series consisted of five parts in which Shane and Andrew uncovered what the life of Jeffree Star is like and all that entails. Graham watched and enjoyed the series. Graham said, “The series made me less scared of him because before he intimidated me. I learned about why he did what he did in his past. I really like how you saw the relationship between Shane and Jeffree.” During September and October, Shane, with the help of his camera man Andrew, delved deep with their series about the mind of Jake Paul. This series consisted of eight parts, which examine Paul’s life and the controversial actions from his videos and his outside actions from YouTube.

Shane is known for his conspiracy videos. Shane recently uploaded his newest set of conspiracies on January 30, 2019. The first video is tilted “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson”. The video explored theories from how the California wild fires started to how Walt Disney could have frozen his head. He analyzed each in short segments switching off from each, which kept viewers in a state of suspense. Shane uploaded the second part to the duology, “Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson”, but covered three new topics. The topics consisted of the mystery behind Chuck E. Cheese’s oddly shape pizzas to the effects of dangerous technology, like voice replicators.  The videos may be new, but they have become a favorite for Kinder. She said, “His newest conspiracy videos “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson”, and “Investing Conspiracies with Shane Dawson” were very fascinating to watch because of the topics that he talked about. It was also a very well executed video.”

Shane videos offers viewers the ability to sink deep into the spiral of conspiracy theories or to watch other youtubers, such as Jake Paul and Jeffree Star behind the perspective of Shane’s camera. Viewers are able to watch the adventures he goes on with his friends Garret or Andrew. Kinder has been a fan since seventh grade, and said, “He’s exciting, and the topics he talks about relates to teens today. All his videos are captivating to watch.” Shane’s videos can be watched anywhere and anytime on