Mattress Fundraiser Raises Money for GHS NHS/NJHS, Publications

Hannah Hendron, Reporter

A mattress fundraiser hosted by Griffith High School will be on Sunday, April 28, in the field house. This fundraiser will be in support of GHS Publications (yearbook and newspaper), NJHS (National Junior Honor Society), and NHS (National Honor Society). Anyone in attendance of the fundraiser will be able to purchase mattresses brought by the organization CFS (Custom Fundraising Solutions). The fundraiser will begin at 10 a.m. and last until 5 p.m.

Griffith High School partnered with the organization CFS to bring this fundraiser into fruition. Last year, GHS collaborated with CFS to raise money for the England/Scotland trip. Through hosting this fundraiser the total outcome was over $10,000.

CFS was founded in 2005 and takes a different approach to fundraising. Instead of students selling candy or cookie dough, which brings along the hassle of the process with little reward. Students go through an elaborate process to only raise a small amount of money. CFS ensures a hassle-free process and the return of thousands in one day. The company has 70 locations across the country, which have raised forty million dollars for numerous communities. CFS has a goal to give back 10 million dollars to the communities and organizations they help every single year.

Mattresses are not the usual items to be purchased from student fundraisers. Instead of the dreaded going door to door, order forms, and the process of getting the items to the buyer, this fundraiser is simple.  On the day of the fundraiser, the staff with set up a showroom with the offered mattresses. Students of the respective groups will not be selling the mattresses themselves, but the staff from the Northwest Indiana location. When the fundraiser begins at 10 a.m. the showroom staff will begin selling the items to those ready to support and purchase.

The event is called the mattress fundraiser, but mattresses will not be the only items up for sale. Other items to be purchased include adjustable beds, luxury pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets. These items will not be sold off of regular retail price but 30-50% off retail. The mattresses will be brand new, coming straight from the factory. They come in different styles, including firm, pillow-top, orthopedic, latex, and gel memory foam sets. The mattresses come in unique sizes, styles, the price is less than the original retail, and they are from high quality name brands.

“They are name brand, great quality, and support co-curricular activities,” said Sarah Cohen, co-sponsor of NJHS and NHS.

When the items are ready to be checked out they can be bought in cash, check, or credit card. The organization offers the options of layaway and delivery. The delivery and home set up will cost from the price of $60-$80. Options for financing will be available for everyone.

The parents of all three groups were invited to an info meeting in the LGI on April 10. The parents were able to learn more about the organization and what the fundraiser entails. The 57 families who attended the meeting will receive an infused scented travel pillows of either peppermint or lavender. This is on the courtesy of CFS to show the appreciation to the families who gave a small amount of their time to make this year’s fundraiser successful.

Every single purchase will benefit the three groups. The three groups will split up the money on the amount earned. “I would love it if we could get $12,000 and each group would then get $4,000 dollars,” said Cindy Leber, co-sponsor of NJHS and NHS.

Instead of buying the unnecessary candy or wreaths, this fundraiser provides items of necessary use.