Glass Water Bottles Offer Clean, Reusable Alternative


Glass water bottles, such as this one from Glasstic, offers a BPA free reusable water bottle.

Katie Bilka, Reporter

If you’re someone like me who’s in need of an on-the-go reusable water bottle that’s affordable, stylish, and safely manufactured, it can be very challenging to find one that fits all of your necessities. I have been on the lookout for a water bottle for about six months now, and can’t seem to find the perfect one. The biggest issue I have with reusable water bottles is not it’s appearance, or even the cost, really, but the ingredients manufacturers use to produce them.

One very harmful chemical used in some reusable food and beverage containers called Bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA, has many harmful effects towards humans. When it is used in these types of containers, BPA can seep into the consumables. After BPA enters the body, it becomes an endocrine disrupter. It mocks the body’s hormones and interferes with hormonal processes such as production, secretion, transition, and elimination. Research has linked abnormalities such as fertility problems, male impotence, heart disease, and other conditions back to BPA. Furthermore, if the body ingests too much of BPA or any other harmful chemical, breast cancer and diabetes can develop.

As I previously mentioned, it’s hard to find water bottles without harmful plastics and/or BPA. Until recent years, most reusable containers were solely made from plastics laced with BPA. As a result, most companies switched to making these containers of non-BPA plastics like Tritan. Not every ingredient is 100% safe however. Recent studies have proven that Tritan is capable of leaking estrogen-mimicking chemicals into the food/beverage inside the container if exposed to UV rays. Research shows that reusable water bottle maker Nalgene’s green bottles tested negative for harmful chemicals, even after being exposed to UV rays. It’s said that the green color repels the rays to keep the consumables safe.

Experts on this topic have suggested a few safe materials reusable water bottles could be made of, and the safest being non-plastic stainless steel/aluminum (with BPA-free linings) and glass.

Although stainless steel has been named one of the safest types of materials to be used in the water bottle making process, it has a some environmentally unfriendly features most people aren’t aware of. Most metal water bottles have a tendency to leak BPA. They can also be made of aluminum, which links to Alzheimer’s disease. The production of these bottles requires ores of certain harmful chemicals, which causes ten times the amount of pollution than ordinary stainless steel does. If the safety of the ingredients used to produce reusable water bottles is most important to you, as it is to me, then glass-made bottles are your best bet.

Glass is non-permeable and doesn’t absorb odor, color, or taste. It’s made from naturally abundant materials, like sand, limestone and soda ash. It allows the completed bottle to be dishwasher safe, unlike any other type of material that could be used. Glass is recyclable and doesn’t harm the environment. The only noticeable drawback of having glass water bottles is its delicacy. It’s most likely to break when dropped, compared to stainless steel which might only dent. This dilemma inspired the creation of Glasstic. Glasstic incorporates a plastic shell that contains the glass container in its interior. If you drop it and the glass breaks inside, all of the glass will remain contained inside the shell for easy cleanup.

In conclusion, if looking for a safely manufactured water bottle is your biggest concern, try narrowing your searches by only shopping for glass-made or Glasstic bottles. Though I’m no expert myself, I will still include some online listings of water bottles that you could use to take into consideration during your searches.

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