G-Town Cleans Up


Maddie Nolan, Editor

 On Saturday, May 11, the GHS National Honor Society took part in Griffith’s annual Togetherhood community clean up day. This is a town-wide effort to replace mulch, clean trash beside the road, and restore mulch and landscaping to keep Griffith a welcoming place. Citizens meet at the YMCA before splitting up to receive tools, t-shirts, and locations of where they will be cleaning. This year, NHS focused on South Park, where they cleaned up trash, landscaping, and planted six new trees. Other locations that were cleaned and relandscaped included the bike trail, the YMCA, Broad Street, Central Park, Tot Park, Cheever Park,  Woodland Park, and more.

Volunteers planted flowers and trees, put down new mulch, cleaned up trash, and helped spruce up anything that might have been affected over the harsh winter. Over a hundred volunteers came together to help, and there was a cookout at Central Park afterwards to celebrate all the hard work. Griffith citizens donated a variety of side dishes and snacks, and there were hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. There was a mini train there that adults and kids could ride, and volunteers had an opportunity to sit back and relax after a long day of work.

  “NHS had a great turnout,” said NHS sponsor Cindy Leber. “In addition to doing the usual South Park cleanup, we also planted six new trees.”