Paranormal Society Searches for a Scare


Brianna Langel, Reporter

On October 13, at 7:00 p.m., the Griffith High School’s paranormal society went on a trip to visit Reeder Road, a local legendary trail and overpass located in Griffith, Indiana. Peter Ghrist, a Griffith police officer and in-charge of paranormal society, had told a bit about Reeder Road while driving the students to the trail.

The legend has it that there is a hitchhiking ghost on Reeder Road by the name of Elizabeth Wilson. She supposedly drowned in a swamp when her car went off the road. Her ghost has been seen waiting at the roadside for a ride to her old house, only to disappear at the cemetery where she was buried. There have also been sightings of cars that seem to be driving down the trail, but never show up and disappear.

“The Ovilus (an electronic speech-synthesis device which utters words depending on electromagnetic waves in the air, by using an EMF meter)was spitting out words all night, and said Officer Ghrist’s name three times,” junior Elisabeth Lawson said. “Using the spirit box and catching a figure deeper down the road in the woods was freaky.”

Paranormal society is an after-school club that investigates reported paranormal activity at many different locations, local and non-local. This club has multiple trips coming upon the month of November on the days 10th, 14th through 17th, and the 24th.