Tik Tok Takes Over the World

Tik Tok Takes Over the World

Louis Smith, Reporter

There have been many social media apps that have been released on the app  store for us to use. One app that has been getting a lot of attention is Tik Tok. Tik Tok was released on September 23, 2016. This app was based of off another one by the name of musical.ly. Both of the apps do the same thing. Tik Tok is an app where you can make short videos that could be funny or just to have fun. Most people have music in their videos while others make dance videos.

Recently Tik Tok has been getting a lot of attention for Youtubers and famous rappers for sponsorships.The Youtubers have been getting these sponsorships by Tik Tok in their videos are Mr.Beast, Young Don the Sauce God, Troydan, and many more. Rappers that have been getting sponsorships by Tik Tok include Offset, Cardi B, Blueface, Gunna, and many more. People have become famous because of this app and their videos, including masonmitchell, kiah_craft, lightningbre, alexyoumazzo, tuckerbudzyn, jamescharles, and larrayeeee.

There have been over millions and millions of people that have downloaded this app and use it daily. The creators of this app is a group called ByteDance. ByteDance is a Chinese Internet technology company operating several machine learning-enabled content platforms, headquartered in Beijing. It was also cofounded by Zhang Yiming in 2012. They have made a lot of apps but Tic Tok was the best one they made by far. 

“I like to use Tik Tok a lot because of how fun it is. Making funny videos and watching others videos is pretty cool” said Roman Depergola. Tik Tok has been one of the best social media apps for a long  time and will continue to grow in popularity.