Electronic Learning to Save Snow Days

Skye Isenblatter , Copyeditor

Electronic learning was recently incorporated into the 2019-2020 school year for Griffith. Students received iPads last school year to begin preparing for the transition into e-Learning and paperless learning. In order to even begin e-Learning, the students had to have their iPads for a year and all teachers had to set up a Class Page. However, as we become more familiar with e-Learning days, we also begin to see advantages and disadvantages to it.

E-leaning days can take the place of missed school days such as snow days and other cancellations due to weather. School days do not have to be added to the school year to meet the requirement of 180 days. When unexpected weather such as high levels of snow, dangerously cold weather, and more occur, it puts students in danger while having to travel to school.

While it might be an advantage to not have to make up missed school days, e-Learning itself has its own disadvantages. For example, there might be technical difficulties trying to get onto class pages. On October 20, many students reported that they could not get onto Class Pages to do their assignments throughout the first half of the day.

“It was stressful for me because I knew I would get in trouble for not having it done that day, even though I did not have any control over it,” said junior Richie Leber.

There also might be trouble understanding the assignments. Some students need help in order to be able to confidently do what the assignments are asking of them. If the topics are new, it might make it more difficult to do the assignments, especially if the only way of communication with the teachers to ask questions is by email.

Students might also not have a source of internet at home. Without internet, a student can not connect to class pages to do their assignments. Some people may not have the money to be able to afford internet, making it much more difficult.

With more time spent doing e-Learning, it might prove to be easier for students as they become more comfortable with it. Only time can tell what the outcome will be for e-Learning.

So far this school year, Griffith has had three e-Learning days: one practice day, and two ISTEP makeup days. On October 13 and 20, e-Learning days were held so that any student who did not receive a passing grade on the ISTEP could make up the tests without having to miss school.