Student Jobs


Connor Crafton , Reporter

Jobs are a common priority in Griffith High School students’ lives. Jobs are often a way students transition into adulthood and learn many life skills to prepare them for their futures. Along with preparation of the future, jobs also give students the chance to work in their communities and benefit our society by being involved and productive throughout it.

Having a job at a young and impressionable age allows for improvement and plenty of training that could be useful for future career opportunities. Working improves teens’ social skills and teaches them how to talk to others they are not familiar with in a productive, helpful, and polite way. Along with personal skills, having a job allows for better future resumes and experience in the workforce.

Junior Harry Pala, who is employed by Subway, believes there are several benefits to having a job at a young age.

“Some of the benefits of having a job at a young age is being able to learn how to interact with customers and clients. You get to see all types of people and learn how to deal with them, which can be beneficial in the real world when a more serious job is taken up. Working at Subway also offers a chance to know people in the community. We have regulars come in who are always fun to talk to, and sometimes can even bring awareness to issues in the area,” said Pala.

Many Griffith High School students work together in businesses like Subway, Strack & Van Til’s, Dairy Queen, Culver’s, and many more. This can improve the work environment and lessen the anxiety students may have when first starting by having familiar individuals nearby. This also allows for friendships to evolve and teamwork skills to improve.

While most teens choose to get a job to have personal spending money or to just improve their responsibility and independence, many students are encouraged by parents to obtain a job while in high school. Parents often encourage their students to get a job to help keep them focused on their future and train them to be a responsible and independent adult.

Senior Ryan Dudliecek, who is employed by Grindhouse Cafe, was encouraged by his parents to start working.

 “My parents were pretty neutral on my decision to get a job because they thought a job would help me be responsible and hardworking,” said Dudlicek.

Whether it was encouraged by a parent or an independent decision, it is safe to say that in moderation jobs are beneficial to the Griffith High School student body.