Bowling Team Strikes Up Sectionals


Brianna Langel, Reporter

On January 11 and 12th, the Greater Lake County Conference for bowling held their Sectionals tournament. Bowlers had to be at Stardust in Dyer at eight o’clock in the morning for check-in. They officially started at nine o’clock with team bowling. For team, five bowlers each bowled two frames going in order of the line up that the coach chose. The first bowler bowls first and sixth frame, second bowler bowls second and seventh frame, and so on.

Coming to an end of the team portion, Griffith and Lake Central girls had a roll-off (competition between two teams) to determine the placement of each team. The Griffith girls came in first with a 1944 series (total pin fall), while the Lake Central girls came in second place with a 1870 series. Next, the Griffith and Highland boys had a roll-off. The Highland boys placed first with a high series of 2322, while the Griffith boys placed second with a 2246 series. These scores determined that the Griffith girls and the Highland boys were announced Sectional champions of GLCC (Greater Lake County Conference).

“At first, I was nervous that the boys wouldn’t place because all the teams bowled good,” Junior Christian Kruse said. “So when the girls became Sectional Champions and the boys became second place, I felt relieved that we made it.”

Following up after team bowling, singles came into play. Every bowler had to bowl a consecutive three games. After every game, they had to write down their score and move a pair of lanes over. GLCC took top eight bowlers from the girls and top ten bowlers from the boys. Morgan Schoon (1), Elisabeth Lawson (2), Chelsea Matthews (3), and Brianna Langel (7) took place as four Regional runner-ups for GLCC. As for the boys, Nathan Ward (2) and Edward Olszewski (5) were the only two Griffith boys becoming Regionals runner-ups.

“Each of the bowlers bowled great,” Coach Linda Olszewski said. “They all have improved since the beginning of the season.”