Boys Wrestling and Swim Team Work Hard, Improve


Louis Smith, Reporter

Sports in high school can go a long way for a student. Two of the most underrated sports are wrestling and Swimming. Both of these sports are very competitive and help  in different ways for you body. Wrestling improves your Muscular endurance where Swimming is more so cardiovascular endurance. The athletes had a few remarks to say about their season.

The players from both sports feel like they are doing pretty well so far in the season. “ As a player, I feel like did pretty good, but there is room for improvement,” said swimmer Connor Begeske . “ I feel like I did good with the conditioning,” said wrestler Cameron Thompson. “I feel like I did pretty good in trying to better myself and be a better swimmer,” said Terrence Salazar-Ray. “I feel like I could have done much better but due to my injuries I had to cut my career short,” said wrestler Micheal Alvarado .

These players also had reflections to say about how they did as a team. “As a team, I feel like we have been doing very well with the swimmers we have,” said Connor Thompson. “ I feel like we have been doing very good because of how we push ourselves to get better.” said Cameron Thompson. “ As a team we did good because we encouraged each other to get better,” said Terrnce Salazar-Ray. “ I feel like as a team we had a rough start but we got better as the season moved forward,” said Micheal Alvarado.

Overall, there are things that these players feel like they need to work on. “ I need to work on my endurance and keep conditioning,” said Connor Begeske. “ I feel like I need to keep grinding so I can be better in the future,” said Micheal Alvarado. “ I need to improve on focusing on just getting better,” said Terrence Salazar-Ray. “ There are some improvements I feel I need to work on,” said Micheal Alvarado.

Westling and Swimming are two great sports and are very competitive. Hopefully these athletes can keep getting better and keep working hard.