Winter Wonderland Turnabout 2020


Brianna Langel, Reporter

On January 31, 2020, the Sophomore class council held their annual Turnabout dance at Patrician Hall in Schererville . The doors opened at 6 p.m., but the dance officially started at 7 p.m. Throughout the night, students danced to music played by DJ Angel, posed for professional pictures taken by Image Perfect Photography, and ate finger foods provided by the banquet hall.

The Sophomore class council started planning turnabout the first week of January. Each meeting took around thirty-five minutes to fully start planning. They chose ‘You and I’ by One Direction as the slow song to accompany the theme of Winter Wonder Land.

“Mrs. Berzy wanted to do Winter Wonder Land as the theme for a while,” sophomore Kylie Bell said. “We decided to take it as the theme because it was simple to decorate for.”

Class council took today’s popular songs, added them to the playlist they had made, and sent the list to the DJ. The DJ started off the night by playing older songs off his already had playlist. They then started to add the sophomore playlist into the mix.

“They fought about little things, like the colors of the theme to the balloon colors,” Berzy said. “It was a relief once they actually agreed on what we needed.”

At 8:45 p.m., when it was getting darker and the students were dancing to the played music, the DJ asked everyone to clear the floor for the announcement of the Turnabout King and Queen votes. Sophomore Kylie Bell was accompanied by sophomore Kyle Atkinson, sophomore Kelsey Price accompanied by sophomore Rondell Latiker, sophomore Kya Osborn was accompanied by Ian Clark, sophomore Peyton Willis accompanied by Kyle Retic, and sophomore Katlyn Noojin was accompanied by Gavin Hill. Last years king and queen, Nathan Ward and Anna Guistolisi, handed over their crowns to the 2020 Turnabout King and Queen: Rondell Latiker and Katlyn Noojin. They celebrated being crowned to dancing to ‘You and I’ by One Direction.