Smooches and Carnations: GHS Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Smooches and Carnations: GHS Celebrates Valentines Day

Skye Isenblatter , Copyeditor

   Every year, all around the world, people celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving gifts, flowers, and candy and showing their love to their significant others. February 14 is a day that some people hate and others love. Some want to celebrate the day of love, while others hate seeing others being loving to their boyfriend or girlfriend. 

   Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by spending it with their significant other. Some couples take Valentine’s Day very seriously and plan a date night, while others simply celebrate with gifts such as chocolate and flowers. However people want to celebrate, the day was made to show affection and gratitude to the person you spend most of your time with. 

   Some hate Valentine’s simply because they have no one to spend it with. However, Griffith High School makes up for that by giving everyone the opportunity to buy smooches or carnations for their significant other or friends. Those who don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend can buy or receive treats from their friends. That way everyone has the opportunity to feel love on Valentine’s Day. 

 Carnation bouquets were also sold for Valentine’s Day. They were sold at lunch by Katherine Thomas and Rosie Czyz. Students could buy 3 flowers for $5. They were also distributed to homeroom classes on Valentine’s Day. 

   Smooches were sold by social studies teacher Jenna Berzy for $1 each. She  had a deal where you could buy 3 smooches for $2. Smooches are suckers of various flavors molded in the shape of lips. They were distributed on Valentine’s Day to students’ eighth hours. 

   Senior Emily Keck gave smooches to her whole soccer team. “I wanted to make sure that everyone on the team went home with a smooch and that everyone felt a little bit of love for the day,” said Keck.