E-Learning Thursdays and ISTEP Testing in February

Connor Crafton , Reporter

A new addition in technology was made in the Griffith Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year; eLearning. eLearning allows students to be given what they would have learned in the duration of the school day online, and allows them to be productive at home in the event of a school cancellation. Many students find eLearning days a much-needed refresher to catch up on sleep and assignments.

“I think eLearning days help students better because we are able to do our work whenever is most convenient to us. We are able to sleep in a couple more hours and because of that we will be able to focus better on the assignments,” said Aseret Baez.

Along with giving students the independence to do work on their own, eLearning also helps Griffith Public Schools attendance wise. Griffith Public Schools no longer have to make up snow days, making for a clearer and more precise yearly calendar, along with students getting released for the summer right on time. Students throughout Griffith High School believe this helps with students individually.

Freshman Nathan Pinkleton said, “As eLearning days are located at home, such an environment allows one to relax their mind, their body, and spirit, in which a student can comfortably complete work and allows the student to ‘attend’ their class at any time they wish, ultimately resulting in better grades.”

Some students, such as junior Aubrey Wallace, that attend Griffith High School enjoy eLearning because it allows for a boost in their grades. Each eLearning day comes with about seven assignments which can potentially boost grades if completed with effort.

“I find eLearning pretty easy because the assignments are short and review topics we’ve covered. I find it beneficial for my grades sometimes because the assignments are easy points,” said Wallace.

Of course, there is a whimsical side to everything. A top reason students here at Griffith High School appreciate eLearning days is so they can spend the day with their friends, while also being productive. Senior Abby Wroblewski agrees completely.

“I like eLearning days because I can do all my work in under an hour and spend my day with friends, not worrying about homework,” said Wroblewski.

Though eLearning is a small change in the technology world, it has had an increasingly large impact at Griffith High School.