Shelters Encourage Fostering, Adoption of Pets during COVID19

Shelters Encourage Fostering, Adoption of Pets during COVID19

Hannah Hendron, Reporter

The impact that COVID-19 has had on animals in shelters may not be a prominent issue residing in people’s minds, but nevertheless the issue remains. Dogs, cats, and other pets have not stopped yearning for a new home as they wait in local shelters. The shelters want to keep their employees, and volunteers safe, which provides a tricky situation on how to maintain that while continuing to care for the animals. Across the United States, shelters have been handling this issue in different manners, but at the heart is the encouragement of fostering and adoption. 

Across the United States, shelters are highly encouraging people to consider fostering or adopting pets. It would be both beneficial and impactful to the animals who become fostered or adopted during this highly stressful time. Amongst all the craziness in the world, fostering or adopting pets is an instant way to find companionship. 

Sophomore Hayden O’Brien said, “I think it’s important that shelter animals are not forgotten by the people amid the pandemic that everyone is experiencing. Those animals deserve loving homes, even more now than ever since shelters might be overwhelmed with their continuous intake of animals.”

One way to help your local shelters and shelter animals is by fostering them as they wait to find a forever home. Fostering animals is a great way to help clear space in shelters, which provides more space for new animals to be taken care of or rehabilitated. If anyone is interested but hesitant about fostering, they can contact their local shelter to see if they offer virtual training to help the process run smoothly. During a time like this, a companion may be what someone needs, and a cat or dog would love to be that for interested individuals. 

O’Brien said, “I think fostering is a great idea, especially if you don’t want the long term commitment. Not only does it allow the cat or dog to experience life in-home while they wait until they are adopted, rather than in a cage. I think people should greatly consider this option, especially if anyone has fostered animals before.”

In addition to fostering, shelters are looking for people to consider adoption as another beneficial option. Depending on the shelter, the methods of navigating an adoption are skewed due to COVID-19. If anyone is ready to pursue an adoption, they should call their local shelter to understand the steps within the adoption process. Every day animals in local shelters are waiting for their new companions to provide a loving home where they can spend the rest of their life.

O’Brien said, “Adoption is the way to go if you are looking for a long term companion. The animals are waiting every day to meet their new families and that doesn’t need to stop now because of COVID-19. I think people should really consider adopting a cat or a dog since more people have time on their hands to devote their attention and care to them.”