William Horvat: LRE

Ryan Hanley, Reporter

Even though it’s Mr. Horvat’s first year teaching at Griffith, he has done much more before that. Mr. Horvat is an LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) teacher that covers science and social studies for freshmen and sophomores. In total, he has been teaching for 7 years. For the last four years, he’s taught middle school students at Scott Middle School in Hammond. He left Hammond the because the school was under-going lots of change and he knew he had to get out of there. He chose to teach at Griffith because he knew Leah Dumezich, and he says he really likes it here. A new school means new technology, and for his first year teaching here he had to start off with e-learning, which was a little complicated because he was used to chrome books and new software, however, after a few weeks, everything got settled in and things were smooth sailing. On the other hand, after e-learning, everything was a little bit different in school and not normal. Horvat says, “Maybe things will go back to normal next semester if we find a vaccine, but I doubt it. I think that this will change everything permanently.” Just like any teacher at a new school, things will go a little rough, but after a little bit, everything will settle in and be alright.