So, When Does Christmas Actually Start?


As we get into the season of holidays, one pressing question hangs above our heads: when does Christmas really begin? Your beloved Panther Press staff offers their opinions on the highly controversial topic.

Junior and reporter Connor Crafton firmly believes that Christmas festivities begin on November first; break for the days before, of, and after Thanksgiving day; then continue from there. Crafton says, “let’s look at it this way: what other holiday would you be celebrating? Thanksgiving isn’t one of those holidays you need a month to get into the season with like Christmas is; it’s more of an offshoot of Christmas.” Crafton is a huge supporter of all aspects of the holiday, and theorizes that the sooner the festivities begin, the better. “The weather gets cooler, the first snow starts to come in, and your obscure cousins start to ask what you want for Christmas,” says Crafton. What’s better than getting a jump start on the greatest holiday?

Junior and reporter Hannah Hendron determined that the start of Christmas for her is anytime after Halloween. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. She believes that, after this rollercoaster of a year we’ve had, it’s a wonderful idea to begin spreading Christmas cheer right after Halloween. “In reality, the Christmas season is only here for a short amount of time, and I see no wrong in wanting it to last as long as possible,” says Hendron. She continues on by saying that she gives Thanksgiving the week it deserves to be celebrated, but then goes full swing into Christmas festivities by decorating and more. “Now by all means, I’m not saying to skip Thanksgiving, but there is no harm in adding a little more festive ambiance to your life during the month of November.”

Senior and editor in chief Katie Bilka follows behind Crafton and Hendron’s beliefs, but not entirely. She believes that Christmas festivities slowly begin to take place after November first, but break during the entire week of Thanksgiving before continuing on into December. “I love spreading Christmas spirit and always look forward to this time of year,” says Bilka. “But I love the fall season most of all, which is why I think easing into the holiday is more appropriate.” Bilka believes that breaking for Thanksgiving is important because of every family tradition that is celebrated. “Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with others, which is why it deserves its own week. At 12:00 am the next day, though, Christmas is more than welcome to begin again,” says Bilka.

Junior and copy editor Meghan Braddy understands that, while people love to spread Christmas cheer, it doesn’t start for her family until the day after Thanksgiving, when all of the fall traditions are done. “For me,” says Braddy “the beginning of November just doesn’t feel like the right time to be in the Christmas spirit.” For the Braddy family, spending Thanksgiving day completing all of their fall traditions, and beginning their Black Friday shopping the next day, is the best way to lead into Christmas. “We don’t do any of that on or before Thanksgiving Day, so I don’t consider Christmas to have started until all of the traditions of Thanksgiving Day are completed,” says Braddy.

Our teacher, Alana Anderson, agrees mostly with what Braddy says. She is a solid enforcer of traditions, and believes that Christmas starts after Black Friday. “When I was a child. We used to spend days preparing for holidays at my Grandmother’s house. Then on Thanksgiving, the cousins would come over we would eat and play and enjoy our time together.” Anderson values time spent with family during the holidays, which is why she doesn’t transition into Christmas so quickly. “I think that people get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas that they feel they need to start earlier and earlier each year. I think what the world needs is for everyone to slow down and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday that everyone is so quick to overlook,” Anderson says.

Last but not least, sophomore and reporter Ryan Hanley agrees with the idea that Christmas starts after Thanksgiving as well. “Thanksgiving and Christmas are major holidays, so there should be enough time for each one,” says Hanley. After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Christmas shopping, which leads right into the winter holiday. Hanley believes that the best way to go about this is to give Thanksgiving the time it deserves, then lead into Christmas by shopping and decorating. “I’m ready for Christmas to begin, but not quite yet, you know what I mean?”

In the end, these are all opinions, and strictly opinions. Hendron makes a good point by saying that it should be up to the individual person to decide when Christmas starts for them, and to not judge others for their beliefs. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year, no matter when you begin your celebrations. And on that note, everyone here at the Panther Press wishes our viewers a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe and healthy holiday season!