Ashley Millette: English

Ryan Hanley

Out of the many new teachers at Griffith this year, English teacher Ashley Millette is the newest. Not only is she new to Griffith, but she’s new to teaching in general. A graduate from Valparaiso University in May of 2019, this year will be her 2nd year teaching. Before coming to Griffith, she thought all 8th grade English classes at Whiting Middle School. When asked why she decided to teach at Griffith, she said, “I liked that it was close to home and the community felt very welcoming,” said Millette. Being a new teacher can be hard enough, but with COVID, it can be even harder having to start off your year with e-learning. Millette said she liked how natural e-learning felt compared to Whiting. “I would definitely choose in class other than e-learning, but I understand that it’s definitely important sometimes,” said Millette. Although being a new teacher can be difficult, Millette says she like it at Griffith and she’s here to stay for many more years.