GHS Student COVID Journal- November 2020

Katie Bilka, Editor in Chief

November: As we started to drift more into the winter months, cases began to rise and more precautions were taken. A big event took place this month; let’s dig in.
About a week or two before Thanksgiving break, an event known by some students as ‘the COVID draft,’ happened. The school’s recorded positive cases between the buildings steadily rose. That meant that any and everyone surrounding the positive student had to be quarantined. The dread of being in class only got worse, as the phones ringing meant someone was being sent home. A major draft happened in the cafeteria one day; and by the end of the Friday before break, about 2/3 of the students were gone, if not more. As more students got quarantined, other students decided to switch to virtual to avoid exposure. In response to the rising cases, the school board decided to implement one week of virtual learning.
As of right now, Thanksgiving break has past, and we are onto our one week of virtual learning. No one knows if we will be going back in person for finals or not yet. More to come in December before Christmas break.