What Does Christmas Mean to GHS Students and Faculty?


Katie Bilka, Editor in Chief

What does Christmas mean to you?

When I am asked this question, my mind races to identify many working parts that truly make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year. Some of these parts include listening to festive music while decorating, showing appreciation for one another through sentiments, playing in the fresh winter snow, and cozying up to watch holiday classics. There’s not any other season that values quality time like this holiday season does, which is what makes it so special.

When I asked students and faculty around the building what Christmas means to them, this is what they said:

Kyle Vail, Senior, “It’s a time of giving to others and helping out whenever possible. It’s also the best time to spend with family.”

Kenzie Rooke, Senior, “Christmas to me is being with family and friends, and celebrating life as a whole.”

Derek Azpeitia, Junior, “I look forward to getting to see bright lights and other decorations with family and friends. We also have an annual tradition of watching Gremlins together.”

Abby Morrison, Junior, “It’s a nice time to get together with family, eat together, and sit by the fire and watch movies.”

Nathan Pinkleton, Sophomore, “I think of the delicious treats, like hot coco, and festivities, like opening gifts with my family members on the day of. I also really like chillin with my homies.”

Chloe Smith, Sophomore, “It’s the best time of the year to make memories with people you love.”

Alex Haldi, Freshman, “I love spending time with family and giving to other people during this season- it’s the most valuable activity.”

Jim Pickett, Government teacher, “I’ll keep it simple- it means complete joy and happiness”

Jane Villaroman, Science teacher, “I think of family, the celebration of Jesus Christ, and peacefulness during this season.”

Jennifer Harvey, Substitute teacher, “It’s an exciting, magical, and thoughtful time of year because of the people you get to spend time with, the cheer being spread, and the kindness both given and received.”


As the days become snowier and the music becomes jollier, we all look back at the true meaning of Christmas: spending precious time with those we love. As demonstrated by GHS students and staff, spending time with family and friends is a huge factor in making Christmas what it is, among other things. Clearly the holidays will need to be handled differently this year, so take care this season, be well, and try and make the most of what’s left in the year. See you next year, GHS!