The Inside Predictions for the NFL Playoffs


Connor Crafton, Reporter

The NFL has gotten to the most exciting part of the year, the playoffs. For the first time ever, 14 teams will duel it out to see which two make it to the Superbowl. We’ve seen upsets, losses, and even some blatant gamethrowing, but now we’re here to see crunch time. Wild Card Weekend begins January 8th, so let’s take a look at each matchup for both divisions.

The AFC – #2 Buffalo Bills v. #7 Indianapolis Colts

The Bills and the Colts are two underrated and spunky teams who’ve risen to dominance throughout this season. Josh Allen has been putting up crazy numbers for Buffalo along with his new partner in crime Steffon Diggs, and they’ve been looking scary. After an absolute slaughter of the Dolphins in Week 17, the Bills are here to play, and play hard. The Colts, on the other hand, have been known this season for putting up great numbers in the first half, and then watching their lead slowly slip away. With an inconsistent quarterback, a lot of the pressure will go on their above-average run game and defence to stop the Bills from getting on their wagons. Will it be enough? I predict a win for the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

#3 Pittsburgh Steelers v. #6 Cleveland Browns

First, welcome to the playoffs Cleveland! The last time the Browns made it to the playoffs was in the 2003 playoffs, and have ended an 18 year playoff drought. Congratulations! This game will be a rematch of their week 17 matchup, but this time both rosters will be to their full potential…or so we thought. This monday, the curse of Cleveland continued as a Covid-19 outbreak wiped out their coaching staff for this weekend. How the Browns will recover? I have no idea. Aside from that, both teams have amazing strengths and very noticeable weaknesses. The Browns can build momentum and run the ball to no end, but lack the defence they need to keep their opponents from doing the same. The Steelers have a wide receiver core like no other, but their aging quarterback hasn’t been as reliable coming down the stretch.The Steelers’ defense, also, has been considered elite, but lacking this season. In the wake of the Covid-19 news from the Browns organization, I’d have to give this win to the Steelers this weekend.

#4 Tennessee Titans v. #5 Baltimore Ravens

After a long, tough season, both of these teams ended up scraping their way into the playoffs despite the ample competition. Derrick Henry is looking as mean as ever, but the Ravens have finally gotten their magic back thanks to a Bengals game in week 17. Again, both of these teams have very noticeable flaws, the Titans’ defence and the Ravens’ inconsistency, but I believe the Ravens will overcome the Titans this weekend and advance to the next week. 

The NFC – #2 New Orleans Saints v. #7 Chicago Bears

Well, well, well, looks like the Bears were able to squeeze their way into the playoffs thanks to that additional 7 seed. The Saints, on the other hand, have been playing a very above average season, not great, but far from bad. This is what’s giving Bears fans the hope that they will be able to upset the Saints this weekend. Do they have a chance? If Mitch Trubisky can pull out one of his best games of all time to keep competitive with the Saints’ quarterback core, and the defence can get that Bears spark that they’ve been missing for a lot of this season, then I could see it happening. But as any Bears fan would know, you can’t always trust Trubisky. As much as I’d love to see the Saints upset, I predict the Saints will best the Bears this weekend.

#3 Seattle Seahawks v. #6 Los Angeles Rams

Two divisional rivals duking it out in the Wild Card round, here comes some good football! The Seahawks this season have been known for their absolutely wild games with unpredictable outcomes, but then have fizzled out on that magic in the second half of the season. The Rams have been up and down this season, too. Losing a few key players due to injuries isn’t helping much for the Rams either. I predict a Seahawks win, with Russ finally getting his spark back and going into playoff mode. 

#4 Washington Football Team v. #5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Finally, the Washington Football Team. Despite Chase Young being very eager to take down Tom Brady, I think everyone and their mother knows the situation of the WFT. They were the best of the worst, the cream of the crap. Meanwhile we have Tom Brady and the Avengers squad on the Buccs, who have finally been getting out of a slump they’ve been in around mid-season. Week 16 and 17 cemented the Buccs status as a playoff threat, but whether or not they can prove their worth is up to this weekend. Can the Football Team upset the Buccaneers? I predict likely not, as the Buccaneers will win this weekend.

Whatever happens, we all know it’s gonna be some good football this weekend. Enjoy the Wild Card weekend, the world knows that we need it.