Pre-Game Talk With Crafton


Connor, Reporter

The 2020 NFL season has come to an end, meaning the “big game” has finally arrived. This season has been filled with upsets, losses, wins, and big moves from everyone. We’ll be looking at the two teams meeting in the Superbowl, as well as some rumors and trades for this offseason.

The Kansas City Chiefs – AFC Champions

The defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, are back to try to do it all again. With Patrick Mahomes at the helm, and Tyreek Hill as his partner in crime, it’s no surprise the team is back in the Superbowl. The team has only improved since we’ve last seen them winning the AFC Championship, with rookies like Clyde Edwards-Helaire putting up some big numbers and showing even bigger potential. Speaking of big numbers, Tyreek Hill has been putting up absolute record performances this season. Insane stat-lines like an incredible 172 yards with only 9 receptions during this AFC Championship. Travis Kelce isn’t far behind when it comes to insane stats, being this seasons’ by far best tight end. There’s no doubt this team is something special, and we could even see the birth of another dynasty at the helm. My personal pick is the Kansas City Chiefs being too much for even the Buccs defense to handle, and winning this years’ Superbowl.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers – NFC Champions

The superteam has made it to the Superbowl! Tom Brady is back for his 10th superbowl appearance, this time for a whole new conference. The Buccs have really been picking up steam this off-season, easily handling the Packers (who have been seemingly on fire this whole season) during the NFC Championship. Assembling a wide array of free-agents really paid off this season, with players like Antonio Brown and Gronk really showing up in the postseason. Couldn’t forget Tom Brady! Brady still playing as good as ever, supporting his team, and leading another team to yet another superbowl. That defense too, making some major stops during some close call games (like the Packers), that turned out to be a wipe. Can this defense handle Kansas City? You already know my opinion, but I think they’ll put up a good fight.

Off-season, Trades, and Beyond

Some big names and rumors are being tossed around, both literally and figuratively, and the off-season has only just begun for most. The elephant in the room is the recent Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff trade, with the Rams trading away several key draft-picks and Goff for Stafford. Contrary to popular belief, this is a pretty even trade in my eyes. Stafford has proven, despite not having the best team, that he’s a solid quarterback. Goff has been inconsistent at best this season, and I think it was the right call for the Rams to part ways with him. The Lions on the other hand are going full rebuild mode. They’ve got a lot of picks on their hands and a brand new head coach, if everything goes right, the next 5 years could turn them into a team to be reckoned with. But we are talking about the “same ol’ Lions”, so expect the unexpected.

The second, even bigger elephant in the room is Deshaun Watson. Where he’s headed (or if he’s even going to be traded) is a mystery. Rumors have mentioned just about every team in the league, but nothing really solid has come out. The biggest landing sport is potentially the Jets, which is really telling about Watson’s situation with the Texans. Other than that, a lot of teams have thrown out some sort of offer, so there’s really no telling of where he’s headed. Best of luck to you, Deshuan.

Finally, just a little footnote, a rumor floating around with the Bears states that they’ve put down a pretty hefty offer for Carson Wentz. I personally don’t think Wentz is the answer for the Bears’ quarterback situation, but more power to you, Bears.