“Radium Girls” Debuts at Griffith, Captivates Audiences


Julia Gonzalez, Reporter

The weekend of April 23rd-25th, the Griffith Theatre Company preformed their production of “Radium Girls.” While traditionally the spring show is a musical, this year it was decided instead to do a full length play. Members of the GTC put many hours of work into the show, and it certainly paid off with extremely positive audience reception.

Radium Girls is a play based off of real events from the 1920s, where girls who worked at a Radium company were being poisoned by the radium itself. The show follows Grace Fryer as she fights for justice against the radium plant she worked at.

Technical Director for the show, Mr. Graff says, “I thought it was a great show with an amazing storyline. This show was also one of the best acted shows I’ve seen us do in a number of years.”

There is a lot of dedicated work that goes into a GTC (Griffith Theatre Company) production. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the theatre company had to work extra hard to make the show a success because of multiple student quarantines. Both the cast and the crews put a lot of their time and energy into the show despite this unfortunate circumstance, and this was evident when many would step up to fill the roles of the quarantined students who were forced to miss the performance. 

Junior Abby Morrison, who played the lead role of Grace Fryer, said, “Radium Girls is my favorite show I’ve ever been in. It felt very professional and the acting felt real and raw. I think everyone did a really incredible job.”

Radium Girls was very well received. Audience members praised the show greatly days after opening night. Some who saw the show called Radium Girls the best show they’ve ever seen by the Griffith Theatre Company. It was truly an incredible experience for the cast, crew, directors, and audience alike.