Spring AP Tests Given at Griffith, Students Study Extensively To Prepare


Joseph LaPatra, Reporter

Griffith High School started off their Advanced Placement (AP) testing for the Spring sponsored by the College Board. The testing started on Tuesday, May 4th  and ended on Thursday, May 14th . The featured tests given this year were AP Calculus, AP English Language & Composition, AP Psychology, AP United States History, AP Government, AP Biology, and AP Human Geography. The first morning of testing began with the AP Calculus test and then shortly after was followed by the AP Human Geography test. I participated in the APHUG (Advanced Placement Human Geography) test, and although I cannot disclose what material was on the test, I will say that preparation for the AP tests are certainly stressful but very important if a student is looking for a good score to pass, which is a 3 or higher. 

A student who participated in both tests the first morning, senior Ladurian Hawthorne, said, “On my first day of AP testing, I had two exams: one for calculus and one for human geography. The calculus one was a little stressful because our teacher had gotten sick right before the test, so we weren’t able to review properly. On the other hand, the APHUG exam wasn’t too bad because I was prepared to take that exam.” 

The calculus teacher and head of the math department, Christine Chidichimo, got quarantined during the time of preparation for the AP Calculus test. This made taking the exam all that more difficult for her students. On the other hand, history teacher, Jenna Berzy, prepared her AP classes, AP Psychology and AP Human Geography, for the tests. She offered extensive review material and played videos to watch the day of the exam. All in all, the AP tests were extremely difficult this year, but students rose to the challenge! These tests will play an important part on their high school transcripts when applying for colleges in the future.