Greg Mikulich: Principal


Meghan Braddy

This school year has already been filled with a multitude of different changes that has affected the students and the staff alike. With a new school name change, hallways being blocked off for construction, the virtual students returning to in-person school, and a new interim superintendent, Griffith Jr./Sr. High School has completely turned around from the state it was previously in. A huge part of this change is due to a new shift in power with the introduction of Principal Greg Mikulich. Formerly the principal at Lake Ridge Middle School for five years, Mikulich came into this position with three goals in mind for the middle school and the high school: build relationships, increase the graduation rate, and reduce suspensions and expulsions. When offered this position as principal, he highlighted these three goals as issues that Griffith Jr./Sr. High School has had in the past and requires his attention to fix. After creating these three goals, Mikulich also teamed up with the administration to create district wide goals for students. These goals not only apply to Griffith Jr./Sr. High School, but also Wadsworth and Beirger Elementary. The three district wide goals are to achieve a 95% attendance rate, have 90% of all Griffith Public Schools Students earn passing grades, and have a 50% reduction in suspensions and expulsions.
“We as a team will make decisions based upon these goals”, said Mikulich.
Mikulich has also been enjoying his new position thus far, as he’s been quite impressed with the respect level that he’s received from staff and students alike. The main reason he decided to come work at Griffith is because he wanted a bigger challenge, but also because he’s always enjoyed the family feel within the community that Griffith has. So far, working at Griffith is pretty much everything that he hoped it would be.
“One of my favorite things about working here is the people. The students have been very respectful and the staff has been very helpful. I appreciate the wonderful welcome that I’ve received. I’m also very impressed by the respect level of students and the fact that we have created such a great and positive environment for the first couple weeks of school,” said Mikulich.
As far as the transition from being strictly a middle school principal to a middle and high school principal, Mikulich said it’s just like riding a bike.
“It’s a natural transition”, said Mikulich. “Everyone knows what to do because expectations are set, and it’s clear.”
This school year has proven to be quite successful so far, and Mikulich’s goal is to be consistent with this as the year goes on. He wants to create a positive work environment where everyone can build relationships with each other and have all of the advantages that they deserve. By the end of the year, he hopes to achieve all of the Griffith Jr./Sr. High School and district wide goals that the administration has created with his help. It’s clear that Mikulich only has the students’ best interests at heart, as he advocates for wanting everyone to be successful. He wants seniors to graduate, and for each student to pass the grade that they are currently in so they can also eventually graduate from high school. With the current changes that are taking place within the school district, Mikulich is already a few steps closer to achieving his goals.
Everyone welcome Principal Greg Mikulich to the Griffith Public Schools district!