Griffith Cross Country Digs Deep For First, Second, Third Place

Aaron Chambers

On Tuesday, August 17, the cross country team had their very first meet of the season hosted by Lake Station. Both the boys and the girls ran on a rather humid day while giving it their all. They ran all at once for this course, which is pretty uncommon for regular meets. Most meets separate the boys and girls races, but both still run the same mileage as the other. The race was 3.2 miles long. Sophomore Joseph Lapatra finished it in 18 minutes and 20 seconds, placing 1st in the race. After Lapatra came senior David Bacon in 2nd place and sophomore Brayden Donaldson in 3rd.
“The gravel hills killed me,” said Bacon.
For the girls, junior Ashley Taylor placed 2nd and senior Serena Bridegroom placed 3rd. The course was definitely a challenging one, but they all put in 100% effort.
“The course was hot and hard,” said Bridegroom.
With this current outlook, this year’s cross country season looks like it’s going to be a good one!