Griffith Football Takes Big Win Over Rival Highland


Jullian Ladendorf

On Friday, August 20th, the Griffith High School football team played against Highland High School. The beginning of the first quarter started out with senior Quarterback Colin Phelps, who passed the ball to senior Kyle Atkinson for their first touchdown. Soon this was followed up by another touchdown, a pass to Atkinson It was overturned by a flag for holding on Griffith’s side. Senior Brad Rose then kicked a 29 yard field goal. Coming into the second quarter, Phelps threw a really tough pass to Atkinson after he ran 40 yards, but it got called back. Number 24, Cameron Thompson for a 35 yard touchdown. Atkinson, at the free safety spot for Griffith’s defense, got an interception. Number 8 for Highland also received an interception. Griffith rushed for a 6 yard touchdown. The defense got a stop, and Atkinson received a 65 yard touchdown to put the team up. Phelps also received an interception for Griffith. At the beginning of the third quarter, Griffith got the ball at the half and received a touchdown off the punt return. Griffith’s defense had a stop with a fumble recovery. Number 24, Thompson, scored his 2nd of two touchdowns. At the start of the fourth quarter, Highland scored a touchdown. The Highland defense gave the Panthers problems, because their defense had another stop with a fumble recovery. This put them in good field positioning. At the end of the game, Highland scored a late touchdown to finally put the score 38-21 with Griffith in the lead.