Griffith Soccer Falls to Valparaiso

Jose Rizo

On Monday, August 30th, the Griffith boys soccer team played against Valparaiso and took a loss. The score was 0-7. Junior Collin Pedraza ended up with 10 saves.

Junior and goal keeper from the boys soccer team, Collin Pedraza, said, “I tried my hardest even though we fell to them.”

Valparaiso striker, junior Jack Isroff, ended up with 4 goals. He played really well and contributed to the Vikings to win over Griffith. Everyone was optimistic entering the game. Even though Griffith lost they kept their spirits high. They tried their hardest and played their best.

Sophomore and defender from the boys soccer team, Gavin Lukas, said, “It was a tough game, but it went better than last year.”