What’s New This School Year?


We all faced the chaos of 2020. So, what’s new for 2021? Well to start things off, the new generation of six graders are here! Last year’s eighth graders are now high schoolers and the last year’s seventh graders are now eighth graders. Of course, you can’t forget the current seventh graders, the first six graders to ever be moved to Griffith Junior High. A lot of tragic things happened last year, however this year the atmosphere is much brighter. The cafeteria has become livelier. No plastic barriers, no X’s on seats saying where you can’t sit. The booths and high tables are available, and kids can sit wherever they want.

Ronan Cassoday is a 7th grader who attends Griffith Junior High. Switching from online to in person was an odd experience for him, however he says that he enjoys in person learning more. Ronan says that being in person is much better than looking at a screen for hours on end during the day. He says that he’s looking forward to seeing the school’s library now that he’s back in person. Simone is a Junior High student and is extremely happy to find out that he no longer must do online school. He missed his friends and is glad to see them again. So, you can probably guess that he likes in person learning more than online learning. Cadden Howard is a 6th grade student who recently made it into Griffith Junior High. He was formerly a virtual student. He says the sudden switch from virtual to in person was tough, but Cadden prefers in person school way more. Even though the school is much bigger, he says it doesn’t bother him that much. The size of the school means there’s more people who he’s unfamiliar with. This makes him slightly nervous.

With the change to all in person learning and seeing so many faces in the halls of Griffith Jr. High, it is bound to be a great year. Seeing students talking to others face to face and laugh as they head to class is something that many students missed. The interaction with others has been missing and everyone is sure glad that we are getting back to normal.

(Story by Kali Camper, Emily Matos. Photo by Tyler Miller)