Griffith’s Annual Rock ‘n’ Rail Brings Music and Fun To Town


Danny Sheffield

Griffith’s Rock ‘n Rail event is one that is anticipated from not just residents of Griffith, but people all over the region. Being one of the few festivals in this area of its kind, Griffith’s Rock ‘n Rail spanned the 4 days leading up to Labor Day. Each night saw huge crowds coming out to enjoy the delicious food tents and listen to the one thing that can connect us all as a community-music. Speaking of music, this year’s fest had an all star lineup just about every night. Notable acts included: Simply Queen, a tribute to everybody’s favorite British rock band, Echoes of Pompeii, a mesmerizing Pink Floyd tribute that is a mainstay to Griffith, and other tributes to the likes of Elton John and Elvis. These main acts were just the tip of the iceberg, because the festival has evolved into not one, not two, but three separate stages. The Lake Street stage and the Bar stage saw many more acts to give the crowd a wide variety of sounds to fill their ears while they drank and ate.
​Another essential part of Rock ‘n Rail is the immense amount of food and vendors. Spanning the entirety of Broad Street from Lake to Main, people were greeted with all varietiesof food and drink. Pierogies, BBQ, and chicken were all popular options to the crowd of people. This could be washed down with smoothies, coffee, or Griffith’s most popular beverage, beer. This, along with vendors selling temporary tattoos and jewelry, provided an experience that is unique to Griffith alone. Paired with a trademark car show on Friday, this year’s festival saw probably the biggest crowd ever seen there. Although there isnot an official count on numbers, It’s safe to say that when there are people packed in nearly the entire stretch, it’s been a successful night. The Rock ‘n Rail fest was without a doubt a wonderful way to end the summer and show that Griffith is just as strong as it’s ever been.