Athlete Spotlight: Peyton Thomas

Aaron Chambers

Peyton Thomas is a senior at Griffith Jr./Sr. Highschool and is a part of both the tennis and basketball teams. He’s been playing basketball ever since he was the age of 7 when his Mom signed him up for the Griffith Blackcats.

“I play because the games have a cool atmosphere. It’s like I’m on a stage and everyone is there to watch me,” said Thomas. Even in the off-season when basketball is not being played, he still practices so he stays conditioned.

On top of the sports he plays, Thomas still manages to make time to work on his car and keep up with his grades. Thomas has modded and taken part his car nearly 10 times now, and he is still planning to do more. His friends often refer to him as very tall and a great friend of theirs to have around. “I’m pretty sure he has hair… yeah never mind he does have hair” as said by Senior, Chris Li when asked about his relations with Thomas. Even Senior, Odeh Issa, friend of Thomas, said “He’s tall and a very chill person.”