Should Schools Offer Extra Classes?


Jullian Ladendorf

Schools should offer extra classes. An extra class or two can be added to a school day to maintain and increase student access to electives or additional academic opportunities. For schools that experience in increases graduation requirements, an additional class is particularly helpful. Depending on the implementation, there are impacts to either the class period length or the length of the school day. Schools that move from a six period to a seven or eight period school day frequently add a second prep period for a beneficial for the teachers. Teachers could keep their individual preparation time, and also receive an extra class time more so they are not overwhelmed. Schools could also begin earlier and end earlier so that teachers have time to work after school grading or assigning homework so they aren’t staying up late. Students would have more time to study and do other after school activities so they aren’t staying up late as well.
Students could receive more individual attentionwith the addition of extra classes. In general taking extra classes helps build your knowledge base. Students would probably have to sacrifice some social activities, however students grades would suffer and don’t have enough time to study.
According to Aviel Garza said “ my old school had one extra class and it helped with the students.” Even an extra 30 minutes in an advisory would help you prep for other classes. Teachers would be able to assign less things and not have to worry about rushing things when teaching. Griffith should bring a class where students could figure out what they are going to do when graduated and only focus on what you need to know about the real life of being an adult not in high school. Griffith could also offer financing or something along those lines because they don’t really have a class that helps students with financial situations. ACT/SAT prep can also be offered in Griffith because the ACT/SAT are very important tests that determine what college a student can go to.