Favorite Horror Movies

Desirae Gonzalez

What is your favorite type of family Halloween movie? “The Corpse Bride” would have to be mine. This film was released in September of 2005. The corpse bride is a family friendly movie with many songs, fun characters, etc. In the movie, Victor and Victoria’s parents had arranged their marriage, Victor is nervous about the ceremony that he disappears into the woods, and a tree branch becomes a hand and drags him into the land of the dead. The hand belongs to Emily, she was killed. Emily wants to marry Victor but he must get back before Victoria marries Barkis.
A funny Halloween/scary movie would have to be “Scream”. Sidney Prescott is a high school student at Woodsboro, California. Sidney becomes a target by a killer named Billy. Billy is trying to go after Sidney and everyone she loves. Eight people were killed, Maureen, Steven, Casey , Principal Himbry, Tatum, Kenny,Stu, and Billy Loomis.
The Conjuring is a scary not so family friendly movie with younger kids. The conjuring is Ed and Lorraine were called to an old farm house where the family had recently moved into. The youngest daughter showed the warrens signs of demonic activity during their visit to the farm house. As they try to help the mother and her children the warrens become the ghosts next target.