Halloween Kills: A Thrilling Yet Disappointing Journey

Danny Sheffield

Halloween Kills is technically the 12th film in the franchise, although it is a direct continuation of the 2018 Halloween reboot. This thrilling adventure finds Michael Myers once again returning to hunt down Laurie Strode and her family as they attempt to put him down for good. Starting off strong with Halloween (2018), David Gordon Green returns to direct the sequel. The first 30 minutes were without a doubt my favorite of the whole movie. Taking place in a flashback sequence to the original Halloween, Green perfectly captured the feel and spirit of the original movie, down to the type of film it was recorded on. The middle of the movie slows down a lot more than I expected, which lost me for a little while. What the movie lacked in interesting plot, it made up for in gruesome kills. Although I won’t spoil any of these, I will tell you that this movie is not short of bloody and ruthless acts of violence. The film all wraps up in the last 30 minutes or so, peaking my interest more than the middle portion of the movie. Although the ending pulls a (not so surprising) twist, I left the theater more or less feeling disappointed. Brutal kills and spine tingling action just wasn’t enough to hold up the lackluster plot. Overall, Halloween Kills gets a 4.5/10 from me.