Griffith Middle School Halloween Dance: Party Time!


It was wild and nutty! All the kids were going crazy! Running, dancing,and screaming! However, not all the kids were there. Students had to have good grades on their report card, no Fs. Also, you couldn’t be suspended! This was a great incentive for the students to do well in school and hope that they might continue to get these rewards. Some students wore their Halloween costumes! There were ghouls, killers, and cutesy costumes. Students did not have to wear a costume to attend. It was still an exciting time for the students as they got to hang out with their friends and even see Mr. Mik leading the conga line. Students and chaperones could also be seen dancing in the conga line and the cha chaslide. At one moment during the dance, students formed a dance circle around a few dancers that were showing off their dance skills in the middle. It was a wonderful night at Griffith Junior High, with smiling faces of joy. For some students it was their first dance, and it was surely a time they will remember. You could see everyone’s uniqueness shine out that day. Thank you to NJHS for setting up the scene.

Written by: Kali Camper and Zoe Scieska