Middle School Volleyball Ends This Year Round

This year has been full of excitement from all sports. Football, soccer, golf, tennis, volleyball and more. But now Middle School Girls Volleyball has ended. After a greatseason from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, their season has come to an end. If you missed out on their final games, no need to worry! We have you covered.


6th grade volleyball won their last game at conference in Whiting, Indiana. It was a close game indeed, but our Panthers fought their way through it! Congratulations to the 6thgrade volleyball team and their coach, who helped them along the way. If you know someone on the team, tell them good job!


7th grade volleyball came second in their conference in Lake Station, Indiana. Even though they lost, they did play well. Hard work pays off, and us Panthers always play hard, no matter what it takes! Give your congrats to our 7th grade girls volleyball team, who never gave up!


And finally, 8th grade volleyball team sadly did not make it to conference. They had a good season, and we know they tried their hardest. Next year they will be moving on into high school, and perhaps most of them will try again and have a much more successful season. Great job to 8th grade volleyball girls this season!


All in all, the Middle School Girls Volleyball did amazing job this season! Remember to congratulate our Panthers for their hard work this year. If you enjoyed this article, and you like reading about our school sports, make sure you check out our next sports article in the GHS Panther Press.

Written by: Elaina White-Umlafh, Kali Camper, and Zoe Scieska