Griffith Boys Basketball Starts With a Close Loss

Jullian Ladendorf

Griffith comes out and starts warming up in layup lines. The first quarter starts and Griffith wins the tip off to start the game. Griffith started the game off hot going 6-8 in the first quarter only missing 2 shots leading the game. Gary lighthouse came back in the second quarter with a game plan to press the ball full quart which made Griffith fumble a little more than the first quarter. But Griffith didn’t just let down they called a timeout and made a game plan, which was to do a play to get past the full quart press. After the timeout they broke the press and started to score again. Gary lighthouse never backed down either. Third quarter began and Griffith was up by 12 points with Allen Reséndiz having 10 points and 5 assists. Gary lighthouse started to make a comeback getting back to back steals scoring on both positions making it a 1 digit score game. Griffith couldn’t hear anything when calling plays because the crowd was really loud. Forth quarter starts and Griffith is up by almost 20 and have a good lead. But the panthers were getting to comfortable with the lead and started slipping up and lead kept getting lower and lower with about 1 minute left in the quarter Griffith was leading only by 2 points. Gray lighthouse got a steal and scored to tie the game. With only 30 seconds left Griffith was down by 3 points. Griffith took it out of bounds under the basket and jimmy edwards took the last shot and missed, Griffith lost 57-55. Allen Reséndiz said “we got to comfortable and slipped up at the end.”