Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Anderson

Jose Rizo

English teacher, Mrs. Anderson, has been teaching at Griffith High School for 2 years. She taught 6 years at Gavit High School before arriving at Griffith. She’s been teaching for a total of 8 years. She graduated from Griffith High School 2007. She later went on to graduate from Purdue Calumet with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English in 2012. She is currently attending Indiana State University to obtain a Graduate’s Degree in Administration. She realized she wanted to be an English teacher when she was sitting in Ms. Miller’s English class. Ms. Miller felt like a friend to Mrs. Anderson and that’s what really pushed her. She teachers English 10, journalism, panther press, yearbook, and credit recovery. She used to work at Strack and Van Till. Her favorite memories from attending Griffith was playing basketball and her feiendships. She also met her husband during this time. She enjoys running and being with her kids. She has three kids: Andrew(9), Annabella (5), and Aubree who is just 1 year old. She also has 3 dogs and 2 cats. She enjoys coaching basketball and middle school cross country. She’s been coaching basketball for 6 years and cross country for 4 years. Mrs. Anderson is a very active person and enjoys what she does. During the time of COVID 19 last year she got to look at things a new way. She valued her time with family even more. Overall it made her appreciate things a little more. She was excited to get back into in person learning. She did not enjoy online learning. She felt as if she couldn’t help her students as much. She felt helpless not knowing what her students were doing and how they were feeling. There wasn’t much communication as well. So far this has been one of her favorite years as a teacher. Mrs. Anderson main goal as a teacher is to help get students on the right path and graduate. Her advice for students is,

“Always advocate for yourself, ask questions, and if you’re having a hard time talk to your teachers.” She also believes pineapple doesn’t go on pizza.